Musical Meditation – debut album from Interconnekted is out NOW!…FREE

Interconnekted - Musical Meditation 
The new debut album from Interconnekted is out with 3 options
  1. Original CD 10 eur by order from the website or by email :
  2. By Donating on                                                                                                                                                                10% of all the money Interconnekted makes from this album will go to helping build Eco Communities for poor people around the globe.
  3. If you really are broke and cannot even donate 1 euro you just get it for free from the provided link ;) .
Musical Meditation is a Psytrance morning orientated album, it covers a complete spectrum of juicy psychedelic sounds riding on a very fat and clean bass complemented by crisp natural drums. It is meant to take control of your body whilst cleaning your mind and making space for your soul to be free. This music was meant to heal, as we dance into the psychedelic paradigm of 2012, we feel the spirituality rising in our beings and we are ready to accept new sounds, we are ready to resonate with this universe like never before. Musical Meditation is the future of our tribe, it has been since the ancient shamans thus evolving and twisting and growing like a huge mandala, this music now reflects the roots whilst keeping the futuristic visions of Interconnekted.

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