Hello and welcome to our planet were everything is connected…

Our current services consist of

INTERCONNEKTED – Energy Healing Music

is a project based on shamanic intent, it is produced from the hearth using Gilbert Cordina as a medium. This is a voyage into pure dance floor energy vitalizing and connecting us to the true nature of the self. Intense psychedelic landscapes and atmospheres, floating mandalas, squiggly LFO Effects standing on strong deep hypnotic bass and clean vibrating drums. Using quality over quantity Interconnekted is music made for those people who seek spiritual growth through Music’s healing energy fields.

CONNEKTED – Art with Hearth – T-Shirt, Posters & Flyers

a project based on conscious uplifting images & designs, started in Pokara Nepal were Alana & Gilbert found themselves drawing symmetrical madalas and patterns forming beautiful intricate designs using only compass, pen and paper. It was shortly after when they arrived back to Malta when they decided to form Connekted and use their designs to make T-Shirts & Posters. The designs are original work using hand drawn Mandalas passed through cutting edge photoshop technology and Fractal programs. The designs are printed onto high quality Fruit of the Loom T-Shirts and best quality transfer paper. The posters are printed on 150gsm Paper with full visual definition, energizing every space they are put into.

3 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to our planet were everything is connected…

  1. Connekted is opening a stand at Earth Garden Festival 2011 which is being held at Ta’Qali grounds on the island of Malta on the 4th and 5th June 2011. Our stand will be selling T-Shirts and Posters on A3 and A4 sizes…

    See you all there!

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