Gilbert - Interconnekted Live

Biography :-


Aka Gilbert Cordina born in 1977 on the island of Malta in the middle of the mediterranean sea. His experience started at the early age of 17 when he started to go to parties of electronic music on the maltese islands. From Future Sounds of London to Aphex Twin and Warp Records Gilbert got his knowledge and experience of music needed to start his first Experimental Chillout project with his friend Joseph Zammit back in 1998. Working with Akai sampler and 24 channel mixer music was much harder to achieve at this time and so Gilbert decided to Travel to India, Thailand and Australia…

Asia was his first true experience of Goa Trance at this time only to be followed by a serious of Psychedelic parties in Australia including the mind blowing experience of Infected Mushroom – Classical Muchroom Live. After all these mind blowing experiences Gilbert could not resist his passion for music production and he started to learn and experiement with Propellerheadz Reason.

In 2003 Gilbert made it back to the Island were he decided to make music professionally. At this time Gilbert started playing Psytrance Dj sets in small psychedelic parties organised mainly by Colin Piscopo under the name of Planet Trance which was the only Goa and Psytrance party organisation on the maltese islands at that time. These parties were an amazing experience because they were small but of great quality, beautiful people, beautiful nature and of course mind blowing music which made the whole experience unforgettable.

Colin and Gilbert then decided to join forces and started producing together under the name of Soul Kontakt in 2004. Soul Kontakt released there first track Hypnotized on YSE Records in 2006 and then released there first debut Deliverance EP on Ektoplazm Records a label releasing free music. Deliverance Ep was a complete success of more than 15000 downloads!

In 2010 Colin and Gilbert joined BMSS Records in Germany run by Armin Boomshankar upon there release of there amazing track Future Memory on Cosmic Connections – Chapter 1 CD. At this point they decided to separate and continue on there quest with 2 different projects. Colin kept the beautiful Soul Kontakt project and Gilbert formed his first solo project Interconnekted. He was now ready to create his own vision of Psychedelic Trance, which resulted in a seriously produced powerful morning voyage.

Having played Dj sets in Somuna (Switzerland) and in Cosmic (Edinburgh) he was then able to create his first live which he showcased in the 72 hours DMT Party in Switzerland, in many parties in Malta and in Aquaria (Germany). This year Interconnekted released his first debut Full Galaxy EP on BMSS Records. He further worked on his sound and the result has been tested in Transition party (Spain) were he played his first album Musical Meditation. Ozora 2011 After Party was the cherry on the cake in 2011 as Interconnekted sound qualities continues to evolve and spread around the globe. In 2013 Gilbert left malta for 5 months in South America were he travelled through Argentina, Bolivia and Peru searching for relaxation and inspiration for his next album.

In 2014 he was back on the island and setup his studio again now producing a new sound for Interconnekted, more advanced, foresty but still keeping his own signature. The new album is all on 432hz music which the angelic frequency of light, all carefully crafted to give the listener the perfect dance trance experience, much needed through all times of life.In 2015 Interconnekted will be performing his new album live in many festivals around europe bringing his music and energy into the hearts of those who listen.