Contact & Live Booking


Interconnekted Booking now open!

1. Interconnekted – 2 hour Live Set  – 1,000 Euro

  • This will include 2 hours of unreleased Interconnekted 432hz dancefloor music. High quality mix with 24bit recorded sounds. It’s a mix of the latest sounds coming from the albums – Future Frequencies and Dance, Trance Technology which are carved using modular setups and blasting beats.

2. Interconnekted – 3 hour Old School Dj set – 600 eur

  • This is a smooth morning psychedelic old school mix which Interconnekted used to play in amazing parties on the island of Malta. It will vary according to the feeling and crowd, it will twist and turn according to the energy of the place and the people. Influences Braincell, Space Cat, Logic Bomb, Hux Flux to name a few…

The prices listed do not include the Flight and accomodation of Interconnekted, those have to be paid separate.

Please contact me on for any further information, demo of unreleased music or anything else.