Interconnekted – Infinity Codes new Album

2nd Album of Interconnekted and the debut release from Interconnekted @ Conclave Records..

Infinity Codes is an album inspired by my great friend Raah from Scotland. His beautiful works can be found were he shares his amazing knowledge about the true calendar resonating with the cosmos. Through his work this album was weaved track by track, sound by sound in order to transmit the true meaning of Infinity Codes through a mystical composition of sounds and feelings. This album has in it more than 16 years of experience and is all composed on the Angelic Frequency of light 432hz. Some of the melodies in the tracks were recorded midi from Alana Axisa’s magical hands, then edited and mixed in by myself. All my love goes to God the one and true form of everything, in everything, thank you for letting us be channels for your cosmic consciousness!
The album cover was prepared by one of my greatest friends, Daniel Borg who has an enormous talent in making really amazing psychedelic artwork and who totally understands the concept of this album. Conclave records i truly appreciate your love for the music and all your support, a truly professional label lead by beautiful cosmic beings, have to say also thanks to Shahar Fahima aka Ghost Note for an excellent mastering and finalizing of these tracks. A massive thanks goes to all my family, friends and all Interconnekted fans for their amazing support! I wouldn’t be who i am if it was not for you!

All tracks in Equal Temperament @ 432hz


01. Infinity Codes 140bpm
02. Galactic 140bpm
03. Solar 144bpm
04. Alchemy 148bpm
05. Lunar 148bpm
06. Earth 147bpm
07. Zero Point 140bpm

Interconnekted is a twilight oriented psychedelic music channeled by Gilbert Cordina from the Maltese islands. Having been through
all kinds of different musical backgrounds including classical, electronic and acoustic fields of sound he now presents hi own story of a pure, clean journey full of light energy waves transporting the listener on his own journey into the self. This music is intended to expand the human and non human
listener’s mind and consciousness to a new level of being.
Interconnekted means that everything in this cosmos is connected
and therefore the intention behind this project is to connect
people to the harmony of the cosmic love that is in everything around us.

As we dance and free our minds in the spiral of sound, we become
one with the infinite consciousness and get to know our true self.
There in that moment of meditation we learn new information, new
ways of being. We learn our mission, we see our path and through that vision of a new reality we weave our lives…Love, light and dance… Interconnekted.


released July 21, 2016

Mastering: Shahar Fahima @ Upfront Productions
Artwork: Daniel Borg

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