Interconnekted Psytrance music Production course – out now!

Welcome to Interconnekted 432hz Psytrance music production course.

Get ready to create your own unique style of psytrance, diving in modular synthesis and creating an Interconnekted track from scratch!

This is an electronic music production course were you will learn to produce a Psytrance track from scrtach using Bitwig as the main DAW and some external plugins. You will also learn to microtune your sounds so you can enjoy creating music in different microtuning possibilities. The track will be tuned to 432hz and we will start from kick and bass and build our track up until we even learn some basic mastering techniques in the end! The course is made for an intermediate user which means you need to have basic knowledge of electronic music production. We will also go through some basics but all in all is best if you know at least how to sequence and create a story. It will also goes through creating modular sounds using Bitwig GRID which is a modular software plugin which comes with the DAW, you will learn different production techniques like sidechaining, audio editing, multi effects processing, sound creation and some mastering as well. I hope that you will be able to learn the techniques i developed through my 30 years of production practice and start producing music that is tuned to your soul so that  everyone can enjoy dancing to it!

432 Hz frequency microtuning

My courses are aimed to engage the musician into trying new microtuning sonic possibilities, opening the world of sounds to different dimensions. 432hz is a frequency said to stimulate not only our bodies but also the world around us thus vibrating to the frequency of the planet. I have found that also the solfeggio frequency is a very good microtuning scale and the sound becomes more in tune with your soul thus making healing through the psychedelic world more possible.

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