New side project In Spirit

In Spirit is an experimental electronic music production project formed in 2014 by Gilbert Cordina aka Interconnekted & Alana Axisa as the main piano player. It is a new more subtle musical expression, forming a big part of our being. Travelling through beautiful soundscapes, electronic glitches and twisted rhythms, this journey is meant to take the listener on an intense musical dance experience. It is meant to heal through direct angelic frequencies of light transmitted in 432hz.

In Spirit has been playing chill out since he was 18 starting from the early Future Sounds of London, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher up to Ultimae Records, Altar Records etc.

Thanks to the Universe for every breath i take and for every track i make. Thanks to all my family and loved ones in all around the world, without you i wouldn’t be anything. check it out

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