Interconnekted presents Strong Stillness EP, which represents a deep strong psychedelic voyage into experimental spaces, ambient soundscapes along with strong bass expressions. This EP will be released soon on Interconnekted Bandcamp & on all Major download sites, like Itunes, amazon etc…

Interconnekted music is a high technology sound made from many years of experience and is intended to take the listener on a spiritual journey into the self…By Dancing we connect to the source of all and in that dance floor we become one again…

All Interconnekted earnings from the music will be going towards charity and NGO projects in order to bring balance and harmony to the planet…You can join this by donating from your heart or just by sharing and spreading the music and the message of light…Seek and you shall find…be the change, be the light, and dance, smile, laugh and enjoy these moments called life blessed by love! I love you all and big thanks for all your support comments and sharing attitudes.

Thank you


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